Dear Gracie Jaye

Posted on May 25, 2010

Dear Gracie Jaye,

You almost never came to be, that is the truth of it. Between the loss of your Great Grandma, the loss of your Uncle, and the loss of your sibling in the womb, your mother and I carried a deep sadness. Yet despite the fact that so much grief preceded you, we are now humbled at the amount of joy that you, our beautiful heart, have brought into our lives.

Our prayer for you is three fold;

We pray that God gives you a discerning mind and wisdom to match and that you use these qualities to always seek a path towards righteousness and truth. We welcome and look forward to your ability to ask questions and we promise to do our best to answer the answerable ones, and hold you through the ones we can’t

We pray that God blesses you with family and friends of pure heart. Those who will give in your support or shield you from harm. We know that many people love you and we desire that many more should.

We pray that God gives you the strength to fight for the weak, to seek out and care for the untouchable and unlovable. You are our bright star and we long for you to have a meek and Christ-like heart.

And finally, we offer you back to God, through actionable faith, though it feels redundant, as we already know you are His. And whether for a year a, a month, a day, or a moment, we thank God for the opportunity to love and cherish you.

May you have all of Mommy’s kindness and none of her cracks, all of Daddy’s strength and none of his weakness, and may you seek and find the warm loving embrace of a perfect Savior. We love you Gracie Jaye.