Google Maps and large data sets…

Posted on March 18, 2008

I am in the process of scraping data off of a public records website. The records consist of property sales information. Something that I have been working on, is taking the addresses in these records and use geocoding techniques to gather their latitude and longitude coordinates. I can then use the LAT/LONG coordinates to create custom Google maps.

I ran into two major setbacks though…

My first is that the coordinates are a bit off. I looked at both and what Google offered and found that the accuracy is not amazing. I am going to go look at Yahoo’s! geocoding service and I will update with what I find.

Second, some of my maps upload over 400 different LAT/LONG coordinates so that I can mark entire subdivisions. Unfortunately, I am finding that this makes the map CHUG! So I am investigating how to prevent this effect using different techniques.

I will update this post once I find some answers that work.

UPDATE #1: So I have tried a sampling of all the data just to see how it looks and so far I am not impressed. The accuracy is quite off.