Clint Michigan rocking Grey’s Anatomy

My wife and I picked up the Clint Michigan album (and by “picked up” we all know I mean downloaded from iTunes) back in June. Clint Michigan is actually a folk duo and the male half the the team just so happens to be my wife’s Cousin.

There is a song on the album that really resonates with me called “Hawthorne To Hennepin”. Like me, Clint also lost his brother, and there is a wonderful lyric in the song that sings “What my brother could have been, thats what I’ve been wonderin’…” and it spoke pretty deeply to me. Because that is a common thought of mine that I will most likely continue to have for the rest of my life.

Yesterday, Jaimi (my wife) was watching a recording of a popular show that she enjoys called “Grey’s Anatomy”, when a song started playing in the background. She recognized it but because of the fact that the song was on a show that averages 20 million viewers, she had a hard time thinking of the band’s name. Suddenly it struck her, “Thats Clint’s Band!!!” and she called me at work all excited. You could hear in her voice that she was just tickled.

Anyway, I don’t plug music I don’t like. But I really enjoy Clint Michigan. And Jaimi and I couldn’t be more excited for their big success. So here are some links below. And if you happen to like what you hear, please throw them a couple bucks by downloading a song or two from Amazon or iTunes.