Flashback (pun totally intended)

This was my first flash website, designed back in 2002. My oh my how things have changed. It is strange to reflect on what the common thought of the time was.

Flash gives the user instantaneous feedback…”

Flash will allow users to interact dynamically with a website…”

Flash is going to revolutionize the web…”

What is odd about this, is that you can replace the word “Flash” with “AJAX”. The hype around this asynchronous tool set is enormous and everyone loves a good buzzword. Personally, I have barely started to using “AJAX” but am taking what I learned from my Flash days and applying it to Ajax.

  1. Don’t buy into the hype, investigate.
  2. Invest some time in learning the new stuff, but don’t be such an early adopter that you get burned (HD-DVD for a recent example)
  3. Make sure you look to the future yet still create something that works in the now.
  4. There will always be something around the next corner

I think Flash has it’s place. I think AJAX is in the process of defining it’s place. I think every language and technology has a place. A common geek mind set is to latch on to something, and hate everything else. It is only my opinion, but this mind set will simply lead to self destruction. Nothing good, positive, or productive will come by thinking this way.

“Learn or Die” that is what it is all about.