Thoughts On Turning 30

Posted on June 8, 2011

Dear Gracie and Boy,

Today your Dad turned 30. In case I haven’t said it enough, you guys and your mom are the best things in my life. I am thankful for you on a daily basis.

I spent a lot of the day reflecting on how quickly time has passed and how much things have changed over the last decade. I wanted to take some time to point out some lessons I’ve learned in case you are curious about who your Dad is/was.

Be Ready To Work On Your Marriage

This decade I got married, and its been hard at times. Though it has gotten better and I love your mom more today than when we first met. Be ready to work hard and seek to find a partner who wants to work hard too.

Be Wary Of Debt

The USA is currently experiencing the worst recession/depression in history. In fact the world faces some serious challenges moving forward. From this vantage we the people are owned by Corporations.

We got to this point by taking on way too much debt, which blew up in our faces. Please be wary of taking it on yourself. Ask the people you respect for their opinions before jumping into anything that ends with you signing a promissory note.

Never trust a bank.

Be Strategic In Your Search

In your youth, responsibly try as many things as you can. Get a feel for what challenges, opportunities, and tasks await. Also, use that time to learn how to be your best advocate. But let this search be strategic to narrow the scope of what satisfies your heart. Sitting here at the big 3-0, I can tell you your youth goes by all too fast.

Be Cautious Of Anyone Or Thing Wanting You To “Act Now!!!”

The best things in life take hard work and the most satisfying things take a long time to come into fruition. I have found that the longer I wait for something, the better off I am. And in this consumerist society, I know my slow actions are not the norm, but I think thats a good thing.

Be Kind To Your Mother

I was not always kind to your Mom. My personality can just be too strong at times. But she has been patient with me. I actually don’t think I’ve ever met anyone nicer than your mom. She loves you all. Respect her, love her, emulate her where applicable.

Be Aware Of Death

Make sure to show the people that are in your life, that you love and appreciate them on a daily basis. Its easy to forget, but very important to do. Always be aware that the time you have with them is limited, so you need to try and make the most of it.

Be Forgiving

Things won’t always work out for you. The bad guy may even appear to win at times. But forgiveness is not about them, its about you. And a lot of peace can be found in forgiving others. The people who I look up to right now, are the best ones at forgiving.

Be Strong

Choose the right time and place to confront, speak to, or act out. I’ve learned the hard way, that there are times to keep my head down and look for a better opportunity for my energy to have maximum impact. This decade, I realized that if my emotion is HIGH, then more likely than not, it is the wrong time. But also know, there comes a day when you must act. Be strong.

Be Full Of Questions

You will never know it all. Don’t act like it. Don’t try to even freaking attempt it. Just ask questions and listen, listen all the time. You will be mocked for this. In school especially. But pay no attention to those doing the mocking. You will end up far wiser and smarter than everyone around.

Be Different

I have a general theory that the majority of people are just sad sheep. Indifferent and uncaring to most everything around them of any major value. Main stream media and religious organizations for the most part are just forms of propaganda and control. There is truth in each, but I’ve spent the later half of this decade trying to figure out how to disseminate the truth. To read between the lines.

So when you see the herd moving in one direction, you probably should be moving in the opposite one. But please don’t just move in reaction, in accordance with trying to be different. Use it as a starting point to question. Ask yourself “If everyone is going this way, dad warned me that I need to probably move the other, why?”.

You’ll figure it out.

Be Willing To Not Succeed

When you try, you’ll soon learn that you will not always succeed. But the people around you, for the most part, are one step behind, they have stopped trying. They are the definition of failure. So when you do get knocked down after trying something new, and the world laughs and tells you that you suck, just say;

“I’ve not failed, I’m just currently not succeeding”

And then get back up and try again.

* * *

I hope this helps you, and if you have any questions, let me know. I will only be a bedroom door or two away.