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September 2009

God is faithful, until he’s not

I grew up as a preacher’s kid, and luckily, despite the stories of how PKs turn out, I think I turned out half-decent, half-full. At least fully witted. Vested with a brain. And through my parents, I was encouraged and allowed to question the fabric of things. The threads that stitch and hold our nature. What a powerful teaching tool that was. Allowing questions. Not a one better in my mind. One I hope to impart to my daughter.

After my brother died, I really hated God. And I mean, I hated the guy. There would be sitting, driving, walking, and biking sessions, where I would just scream the f-bomb at him. I would threaten him, I would bargain with him, I would question the hell out of him. But silence is the only thing I ever got back. And that was pretty brutal. At least for a kid that was taught that God is faithful.

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(Nerd) Ubuntu + Vim + ZendFramework-1.9.2 + .pthml syntax highlighting

1) From the command line ‘cd’ to your ‘home’ directory

test-box@jbuntu:~$ cd

2a) Check to see if the .vimrc file exists

test-box@jbuntu:~$ ls .vimrc

If the terminal outputs nothing, then that means the file does not exist.

2b) If you get the following

test-box@jbuntu:~$ ls .vimrc

It means that the file does exist and we just need to edit it.

3) If the file does not exist just ‘touch’ the file. If it DOES exist, just skip this step.

test-box@jbuntu:~$ touch .vimrc

4) From this point, ‘vi’ the ‘.vimrc’ file. You primarily need the following lines and you are more than welcome to copy/paste. Write/Quite when finished.

if has("autocmd")
autocmd BufEnter *.phtml set syn=php
syn on

Now the next time you open VI it should have the desired highlighting for .phtml files found in the Zend Framework.

Below is my ‘.vimrc’ file in it’s entirety. Just for the record. It also allows for syntax highlighting to occur in CakePHP .ctp files along with some other settings that I prefer.

set tabstop=2
set shiftwidth=2
set expandtab
if has("autocmd")
autocmd BufEnter *.ctp set syn=php
autocmd BufEnter *.phtml set syn=php
syn on
set ai

For Closure


I saw this sign over the weekend and it caught my eye, so I took a picture.  Losing your personal residence can be a very traumatic event. Especially to the adult who has labored and chored to provide not just a house, but a home for their family. Yet here, in this picture, a child (assumedly) has drawn a ‘heart’ and a ‘star’ to decorate the sign. And the more I thought about the event (foreclosure) and how a child perceives it, the more hope filled my vision as I looked upon the sign.

So I ask a simple question to anyone who wants to answer.

“What does foreclosure look like to a kid?”

Bend Oregon Real Estate and why it holds

The other day, I was talking with a good buddy. And like always, economics and housing came up in the conversation.

“Jared” he started “I was speaking with my wife-“ stroking his thick beard recalling as he went. “-and you know how you told me your annual wage? Is that just your wage?”

I nodded.

“Well, why don’t you go and negotiate yourself into a home? I know you’re smart. But you can’t put your life on hold just to get the lowest home price.” Our conversation moved itself forward from there. But it got me thinking.

Am I putting my life on hold?

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