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June 2009

Craigs Brother

Posted on June 29, 2009

So one of my all time favorite bands is making a new record. I am totally stoked and it appears so are they (craigsbrother). There promo song “Thousand Yard Stare” it an awesome rock song as well as a beautiful tribute. Ted is quoted as saying the following on their site

“This song is dedicated to Roy Brooks Mason Jr., the soldiers at Fort Campbell and every veteran of Iraq who would choose to end their own life.”

I googled Roy and found the following article.

SANTA CRUZ — An AWOL soldier committed suicide in a car parked at an ocean overlook on Friday afternoon, three days after he was reported missing from Fort Carson in Colorado.

U.S. Army officials had issued alerts asking for the public’s help in finding Pfc. Roy Brooks Mason Jr., a decorated Iraq war veteran, but had no luck finding the 28-year-old.

“We knew that he was missing and we were looking for him,” said Fort Carson spokeswoman Brandy Gill. “We were concerned for him.”

Around 1:20 p.m. Friday, Mason used the phone in a call box on West Cliff Drive near Stockton Avenue to call 911. He told a dispatcher there would be a dead body in a red Chevy Cobalt parked on West Cliff Drive, authorities reported. He also asked that someone clean up the area quickly “before kids see,” an emergency dispatcher said.

Police, fire and medics rushed to the scene, found the car described and saw a man sitting inside with what appeared to be a handgun on his lap, authorities reported.

Officers surrounded the area but waited to approach the car until they had obtained a ballistic shield. They were unsure if he had fired the gun or if he may turn it on others, police spokesman Zach Friend said. Police also had sent a crisis response team to the scene in hopes he was still alive and could be talked down.

However, Mason had shot himself before emergency responders arrived. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

West Cliff Drive, which overlooks

the Pacific Ocean, was packed with walkers, joggers, bicyclists and cars when the shooting occurred. Police said no passersby were injured.

Officials at Fort Carson had reported Tuesday that Mason did not show up to accountability formation that morning and was listed as absent without leave. The Army also reported he may be carrying a gun, but was not a threat to the public.

Mason, whose hometown is Fairfield, had served two tours in Iraq since joining the Army in 2004, according to Army records.

Mason had been awarded the Army Good Conduct Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Iraq Campaign Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, the Combat Infantry Badge, the Army Service Ribbon and the Overseas Service Ribbon.

Mason was the second AWOL serviceman located in Santa Cruz County on Friday as the Memorial Day weekend began.

If you want to download the album and pay a buck or two to support the band, that would be awesome.

America the beautiful

Posted on June 19, 2009

We watch our painted walls as the canvas moves. We point our wands and demand it to change. We point our eyes and demand them to eat. We lick our lips and give mock request.

“Something pure please” we say  “Something charity sweet”

We demand, but never for the real. Give us trickery and fake, we surely do love it, we demand.

“Let us consume their work” we say “Then claim it as ours”

But how can we? A lie doesn’t last.  The half life is known to give, break, and then expunge. And the world is wising to the truth. The real truth. And what is real truth you ask? Isn’t truth simply that, truth?


Truth is only what we make it. Counted and ordered, stationed and postured, Guns and Ammo. Truth is always created when taken.

Don’t think like us? Be{oh-so}ware.

Don’t talk like us? Befuckin{oh-so}scared.

Like only goliaths can, we will boast and kill. And enforce ours, encroach yours, and win. We will it, we name it, this is our truth.

But you are wising, you already have. To the thought that maybe that which was stolen was actually you giving. Surely deception, but not one we can repeat. Not one in which you will accept.

“Something pure please” we whisper  “Something charity sweet”

But at your knowing, you will stop. And when you do, we will fail.